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With Downtown Radiator, everything's cool.
Downtown Radiator takes the stress out of vehicle maintenance and repair. From SUV's to exotics to fleet and industrial cars and trucks, we help Houstonians keep their families, buddies and businesses up and running without having to lose their cool.

Our ASE-trained staff has the skills to deal with any mechanical issue, including:

  • Brake work, tune-ups and exhaust systems
  • Houston-ready air conditioning repair
  • Anything the big boys can do--but without the stress!

And, of course, we specialize in cooling systems; all types of radiators, from simple repairs to enhancement to custom fabrication. How do we take out the stress? With each and every customer, foreign or domestic, Miata or Mack® truck, we promise:

  • Quality work you can depend on time and again
  • Personal service that puts your schedule first
  • Reasonable prices through low overhead
Why let inflated prices, slow service or questionable work get you red in the face? Visit us today on the corner of Fairview and Whitney--you can't miss our big, blue building that's become a Houston landmark for almost 50 years. Contact Us today for an estimate or request an estimate online.




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